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To Keep in Mind While You Realign: Some Do’s and Don’ts of Invisalign

April 12, 2024

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Teenager admires clear aligner

Many people would love to enjoy having a straighter smile, but they may be hesitant about committing to a conspicuous orthodontic treatment that involves significant dietary restrictions such as traditional braces. Thankfully, Invisalign allows patients to realign their teeth with removable clear aligners that let them eat whatever they want while being virtually invisible. However, Invisalign still requires no small amount of effort on the patient’s part. Here’s a brief list of do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when wearing Invisalign.

What to Do When Wearing Invisalign

There are a few key habits to develop if you want your Invisalign treatment to be brief and successful. A few of these include:

Soak your aligners every day

Since you’ll be wearing your aligners for at least twenty hours every day, they can accumulate bacteria that can cause cavities or produce an unpleasant odor. To prevent this, soak them in an approved solution at least once a day. After doing this, clear away plaque and food particles using a clean toothbrush (which should not be the same as the brush you use for your teeth). Then, give  your aligners a good rinse with warm water before putting them in.

Clean your teeth before wearing your aligners

If you don’t clean your teeth before wearing your aligners, they will shelter any plaque or food debris lingering on them from your mouth’s natural cleaning process. This can cause dental stains and tooth decay. Before putting your aligners in, brush and floss your teeth thoroughly.

What Not to Do When Wearing Invisalign

There are a few habits to avoid when wearing Invisalign. A few rules include:

Don’t smoke

The nicotine in tobacco can cause yellowish stains and unpleasant odors to develop in your aligners. It’s best to quit smoking before starting Invisalign treatment.

Avoid colored or scented cleaners

Since Invisalign clear aligners are transparent, they can easily become discolored if exposed to colored cleaning solutions. Scented or colored cleaners can also diminish the strength of your aligners or even give them an unpleasant taste.

Avoid coffee and tea

While tea and coffee are two of the most popular beverages on Earth, they are high in pigments that can stain your aligners. If your aligners take on a brownish color, it can become obvious that you are wearing them. Only drink water when wearing your aligners.

Don’t leave your aligners out

Leaving your aligners exposed to open air can allow them to be colonized by harmful bacteria. Invest in a pocket-sized carrying case to hold your aligners when you are eating or cleaning your teeth.

Invisalign can be an easier and more aesthetically pleasing way to straighten out your smile. Consulting with your dentist can determine if you can be a suitable candidate for Invisalign.

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