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With the tools dental care changing and improving every year, patients from Lombard and beyond need a dentist with experience and a dedication to staying current with those changes. And that’s what they’ll find with Dr. Sherif Albert of Esplanade Dental Care in Downs Grove. With our contemporary technology, advanced techniques and wide range of general, cosmetic, and restorative dental services, we know we can meet the comprehensive dental needs of our Lombard-area patients.

Some of our most important dental services include:

With great list of treatment options, Dr. Albert can help patients from Lombard and beyond support their oral and overall health, in addition to improving the appearance and functionality of their smiles.

What to expect from your appointment

Every appointment with Dr. Albert at Esplanade Dental Care includes a thorough oral exam and consultation. The purpose of looking at our patients’ teeth and gums and then talking to them about what we find is so we can understand what needs our Lombard patients have and what changes they would like to make. Every treatment plan we assemble at our Downs Grove office is personalized for each patient’s needs, to ensure that we can give each one the best care for their situation.

How long will my treatment take?

That depends entirely on how many services Dr. Albert recommends. Many only take one appointment to complete, while others may take at least two. Other services, like dental implants or Invisalign, will require a few visits over the course of several months. But regardless of how long your treatment takes, the goal is always the same—to create healthy, beautiful smiles our Lombard patients will love.

Do you have questions about the services we provide, or about the treatment plan we’ve recommended for you? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (630) 493-0914. We’re dedicated to providing comprehensive, customized care to patients from Lombard and all surrounding areas.

If you need help with general, cosmetic, or restorative care, don’t put it off. We’re ready to serve you.

2001 Butterfield Road, Suite 140 Downers Grove, IL 60515
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