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General Dentistry Downers Grove

Maintain Your Oral Health and Improve Your Smile at Esplanade Dental Care

Though cosmetic dentistry can help improve the aesthetics (and in some cases, the function) of the mouth, general dentistry procedures are required for maintaining the teeth and promoting overall health. If you are looking for a qualified team of dental professionals, we urge you to contact our general dentistry practice in Downers Grove today. Oral health is extremely important to us at Esplanade Dental Care, and we can assure you that your care will be our top priority.

Porcelain Crowns / Non-Metal Restorations

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped coverings that are placed (or bonded) over misshapen or broken teeth, and are intended to restore function and strength while reducing discomfort. Dr. Sherif Albert chooses to use porcelain crowns for the majority of his dental crown procedures because they are stronger than ceramic crowns and are more aesthetically pleasing than metal crowns. If you have a broken or misshaped tooth, Dr. Albert would be happy to discuss the merits of a non-metal restoration with you in person.


The Invisalign® system presents an alternative to traditional metal braces and is popular with many of our patients because of its inconspicuous appearance and user-friendly nature. After a mold of your teeth has been made and an analysis of your bite has been completed, the Invisalign® laboratory will craft a series of removable, transparent plastic aligners that are specifically designed to shift your teeth into place, gradually and gently. Every two to three weeks, a new aligner is swapped in place of the old one to continue the shifting process. Treatment typically lasts approximately 11 months, which means a user will utilize roughly 22 separate aligners, each slightly different from the other. The Invisalign® system is a comprehensive treatment plan that can be used to correct crowding, spacing, overbite, underbite, deep bite, and open bite.

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Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)

Endodontic treatment, commonly referred to as root canal treatment, is a general dentistry procedure used to repair or salvage teeth that are infected, damaged, or badly decayed. The procedure involves removing the nerve and pulp from the affected tooth, as damaged pulp can lead to bacterial infection which causes abscesses, bone loss, swelling, discoloration, and drainage problems. Once the tooth pulp and nerve have been removed, the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed to prevent further decay. Though the treated tooth will no longer be sensitive to hot and cold, as the nerve will be absent, it will still retain full functionality.

Periodontal Treatment (Non-Surgical)

Periodontal disease, or gum disease as it is commonly known, slowly destroys the bone that supports the teeth and the soft tissue of the gums. Untreated, periodontal disease can result in tooth loss and an increased risk of stroke and heart attack. The American Academy of Periodontology recommends that periodontal treatment should be as non-invasive as possible, and Dr. Albert adheres to these guidelines. Utilizing general dentistry techniques such as scaling and root planing (a thorough cleaning of root surfaces and periodontal pockets), Dr. Albert can treat most cases of gum disease non-surgically. If you have swollen gums that are discolored or tender to the touch, you may be suffering from periodontal disease and should seek treatment.

Dr. Albert also utilizes site specific localized antibiotics whenever possible to avoid surgical treatment. As many dental ailments such as tooth decay and periodontal disease are caused by bacteria, the use of antibiotics can be an effective treatment option as antibiotics kill or stop reproduction of bacteria. By specifically targeting the bacteria at the root of the problem, the use of more invasive general surgery can be avoided.

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If a tooth is severely damaged or abscessed, it may need to be removed entirely and replaced with a dental implant. Tooth extractions are often done with local anesthetic, though in some severe cases general anesthetic may be required. Once the affected tooth has been removed, the gum tissue will be sutured and covered with gauze to help absorb and prevent bleeding. Dr. Albert will often prescribe pain killers to make the post-operative recovery more comfortable and recommend a regimen of mild activity along with careful dieting and oral hygiene habits (eating soft foods and gently brushing the teeth and tongue will be required until the healing is complete).

ViziLite® Oral Cancer Screening

ViziLite® Plus is an advanced lighting technology that is used to screen for oral cancer, as well as soft tissue that may be at increased risk for cancer. The procedure calls for the patient to rinse his or her mouth with a specialized cleansing solution that works in conjunction with the ViziLite® Plus light. Once the patient has rinsed, the lights within the room will be dimmed and a visual examination of the mouth is made using the ViziLite® Plus examining tool. The process is pain free, quick, and easy; abnormal tissue that may be at risk appears white under the light, while healthy tissue appears dark. Detecting potential problem areas early greatly reduces the risk of disease developing within the tissue, and so the ViziLite® Plus is an extremely effective and important tool.

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